Core resources include:

  • Arcam electron beam melting (EBM®) A2X machine
  • One EOS laser sintering system (EOSINT M270)
  • One 3DSystems ProX-300 laser-based metal additive manufacturing machine
  • One wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) machine, which is CNC controlled and can remove parts from the build plate and perform finish machining
  • Dedicated powder size- and shape distribution analysis equipment (Camsizer XT), impurity analyzers (LECO ONH 836, CS744)
  • Gleeble 3500 with high-temperature mobile conversion unit and HydraWedge mobile conversion unit
  • TA Instruments DLF 1600 with 2800 environmental module for thermal diffusivity measurements
  • TA Instruments ODP 868 optical dilatometer
  • High-temperature DSC Netzsch, Pegasus F1
  • Furnace rheometer for viscosity measurements of liquid metals and alloys FRS1800
  • MRF arc-melter with single-crystal pulling option, gas purification, oxygen monitoring, vaccum casting (November 2017)
  • Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC