The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center offers:

  • Alloy development for additive manufacturing:
    • Build theme development for laser-based machines
    •  New alloy development
  • Powder-bed processing development
  • Material data development for manufacturing simulations:
    • Thermo-physical properties and characteristics: thermal diffusivity to 2,800 oC, specific heat to 1,400 oC, thermal signals to 2,000 oC, calorimetry under heating rates up to 50,000 K/s, cooling rates up to 40,000 K/s and temperatures to 1,000 oC. Viscosity of liquid materials between 600 oC and 1,800 oC, flow stress behavior under heating and cooling rates up to 10,000 K/s and at temperatures up to 3,000 oC, thermal expansion up to 1,600 oC